Rick Morris – Inspiration

The biggest takeaway I had from watching Rick Morris’ “Creative Inspiration” is that he is an absolute gold mine of fantastic inspirational quotes. The one thing that is obvious is that his passion for life and his passion for design are one in the same and perhaps this is where his success stems from. He said it himself that he doesn’t see there being a separation between the personal and professional life. Here are some of my takeaways:

“If I surround myself with art its because thats what I’m keen on, thats what I’m curious about, thats what I’m forever interested in and its the same way a singer would surround themselves with music I suppose.”

“Its my personal diary of life.” (speaking of his personal drawings that he continues even past is professional work)

“You need some point of origin to anchor onto and from there you just kind of like spread out.”

“When motion blew up on the scene it was so liberating.” (speaking to how it was always implied in print, but hard to actually show)

And my personal favorite:

“Its like a perpetual style treadmill…a dog chasing its tail…I try to stay outside of that. I think my one source that I go back to, the center of it all, is that you need to have a passion and I think you need to have at least one true love, whether its in your relationship or the things you pursue or how you feel about life and you know the people you are involved with.”

The last takeaway I have from Morris piece is not necessarily related to his words, but to the space that he surrounds himself in. The piece is done in his home and it is clear that in every nook and cranny he is surrounded by art, in all forms and fashions. There is such varient in the texture, colors, and mediums seem to provide him constant inspiration. He says himself that “every fundamental of design is somewhere.” I don’t consider myself quite the artists that he is, but I do see value in surrounding yourself with inspiration that you are drawn to and I think it is important moving forward in my professional and personal life. Overall, I think Morris is inspirational himself because of his passion for life, which to him is design.


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