Interactive Game

For our second project in Producing Interactive Media we had to create an interactive game using what we have learned so far in the semester. I started with the idea of recreating the classic Snake, but met a lot of challenges in the coding for the game. So I decided that  I should instead focus on something I could execute successfully with good, clean design. I settled on the idea of an iSpy game. Currently the game only has two levels, which use the same background image. Ideally with more time and objects I could add a seemingly unlimited amount of levels using multiple images. The other thing I think I should employ was a classmates critique, that there are no instructions so there isn’t a real way to get across to the user that their are “lives” with the guesses. I think by adding that visually it would help with the gameplay. Also adding instructions might help significantly. So for now you can see the final (well not so much) product here.

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