There is a lot to be learned from Lessig’s perspective on the internet, how it should be controlled and how it can be harnessed. I think that Lessig brings up some great points about control in “Code” and what it might be able to do for freedom on the web, but in the same sense I think these controls really only impact freedom on the web itself, I would argue against Lessig in saying that controls would increase access. For those that already have an internet connection, yes this might be the case, but increasing these controls won’t increase the acces concretely, unless perhaps these controls also started regulating the companies that offer this service. Lessig is not really touching on this in his writing, but I think it is an important thing to talk about, what easier way to control the internet than to control the companies who provide its services. And in this way you might be able to increase equal access across the board.

In “Remix” Lessig is more so discussing economies and how the internet can affect them and perhaps create rich partnerships through hybrid economies, those in which a company profits, but does so utilizing a community; the key being collaborating with the community, not abusing them. I think his thoughts here are very interesting and if they can be accomplished successfully actually create rich economies because there is buy in across the board. In the same sense, these hybrids can also turn ugly, in reference to digital sharecropping. I think the key here is striking the balance between a companies self interests and profits and the community that they are working with. Also, if more companies could understand that often more profit comes with employing these techniques then perhaps we wouldn’t have such a cut throat economy as it is.

As I mentioned in class, someone that I think is doing this correctly is Imogen Heap. Her fourth album is built upon the foundations Lessig is talking about. Each song has had different ways for the community to be involved, but all have been successful at drawing in the community and making them feel a part of the process and in turn I think her fans are the most excited they have been about this album over any other. It is still to be seen the actual impact this process will have on her overall success as the album is not yet complete.

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